New to editing, here's what I can do

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Hey hey, it's been about 2 weeks so I can only do so much. If you have any feedback I'd appreciate it.


  • Andy001z
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    Hi, looks good, without seeing the original footage edit hard to judge. Is it a complete new cut?

  • autumn7
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    HELP HELP Im a newbie and i didnt know how to read the timer so a video i completed and exported was only 8 minutes not 8 hours can it be fixed by changing the project time only?? or do i have to go in and add the clips until i reach 8 hours??

    thx so much

  • Triem23
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    @autumn7 ok, so Hitfilm (and all NLEs) can set "In/Out Points." In/Out points, among other things, get used to define the area of a Timeline that's exported.

    Exports have two options - "Export Selected Area" (In/Out Points) and "Export Contents" (Frame 0 to the last frame with media).

    What you've done is accidentally set your In point at frame 0 and your out point at 8 hours.

    Two options. Either put the Playhead at frame 0 and press "I" on your keyboard (in point), then move the Playhead to the last frame and press "O" on your keyboard (out point) and export selection, or just make sure you export contents.