CamTrack AR with other production cameras.

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I have an idea for using CamTrack to be able to rig it up to my Red Komodo. I have a manfrotto phone mount attached to the camera cage on the Komodo. I very carefully try to start recording on CamTrackAR and the Komodo as close to to same time as possible.

I measured the offset between my iPhone 12max Pro and the Komodo’s lens and it’s is about 7.3 inches away at 37 degrees. Next when importing the FBX file into C4D I plan on parenting a new C4D camera to the camera created by CamTrackAR and use the same offset angle and distance of 7.3”. Also will make sure to match the new camera created in C4D to the one attached to the Komodo. This should exactly impart the motion of the tracked camera from CamTrackAR to the new C4D camera. I also will make sure to set the sensor size for the new C4D camera to match the sensor size of the Komodo (s35).

The only part I think that will take some trial and error is matching the record start time offset of when I’m able to hit record on the Komodo and my phone. That shouldn’t be hard though and can be modified by adjusting the camera track toward or backwards in C4Ds dopesheet until we get a frame accurate match.

I hope to try this out next week when I’m past the two broadcast deadlines I’m on.

Any suggestions or potential problems you might see with this plan?

Thanks for making this app! This could be a huge game changer for recording on location motion data.

Oh also! Any chance that you will ever add 24fps to the record options?



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    So curious how well this worked out or not? I just got a Blackmagic 6k pro and wanted to do something similar, mounting an iPhone to my Blackmagic rig. Any knowledge to share or tips from your experience?

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    I tried this (rough and dirty) mounted on top of my dslr, but the results were extremely disappointing,

    I would like to see how well it works with a better setup

    I would also like to see 24/25 fps, also option for 180deg shutter options, but I hear its actually AR Kit limitations, so not really anything FXHome can do yet.