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Will there be support for Ignite Pro for MacOS Big Sur? The last update for Ignite Pro was October 2020.


  • triforcefx
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    Interestingly, they announced an update for Ignite that was slated for April, but it appears to have been delayed.

    This is pure speculation, but it’s possible that part of the delay has been trying to get Ignite running properly on M1 Macs (with Big Sur), which would mean they are most likely also bringing Big Sur support to Intel Macs and the latest versions of FCPX for both platforms.

  • Shrinktfit
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    Currently, Ignite Pro effects seem to run in Adobe Premier on the Big Sur platform, but appear as red "unavailable" icons in Final Cut Pro. Has anyone found a way to use Ignite effects in FCP 10.5.4 running on Big Sur 11.5.2 ???

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    Currently I have Ignite Pro 2017 (ver 1.0.0630) installed on a 2020 iMac Retina 5k macOS Big Sur (ver 11.5.1) and all Ignite effects appears to be working fine in FCPX ver 10.5.4. I do see there is an macOS update to 11.5.2 although I have not upgraded yet.

    I will prepare a backup of the current macOS , upgrade and report back to you my findings.

  • Shrinktfit
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    Appreciate it! I'm running Ignite Pro 5.0.1435 on a 2019 MacPro (desktop) with Big Sur 11.5.2. If I might ask, are your Ignite Pro effects files stored under Ignite pro AND in Library/Application Support/FCP/Templates/effects?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Shrinktfit
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    Well I tested this and that found effects, etc only need be in the ~movies/motion/ templates folder in )S 11.5.4. One problem with the HitFilm/Ignite effects is that they include only the .moef file and lack a "media" folder and .png files. I suspect there are problems with the coding of the .moef files as well. When I put a generic .png and media folder the effect loaded and showed a thumbnail, but didn't work.

  • Shrinktfit
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    Hit Film is saying they don't support Ignite running on Big Sur. I saw an online rumor that a new version (2021-1) was to be out in April. Obviously not. Does anyone have any idea when or if a new, OS 11 compatible version might be forthcoming?

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    dont hold your breath they wont even allow some carry over time. My program expires this month and was basically told to F off to bad so sad. at the very least they could put a notice up front it wont work under Big Sur