HitFilm and Apple Motion

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Has anyone had experience with both HitFilm and Apple Motion? How do the effects of HitFilm compare to the capabilities of Motion? And if someone wanted to use both applications, would they play well together?



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    @GrayMotion you're, of course, the first one I can think of who can answer this.

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    First - What exactly is Motion 5. Instead of my typing it out read here instead:

    Do they play well together?

    Motion would be just another tool in your toolbox. (Mac only of course). There is no direct from Motion to Hitfilm and back. Motion is actually more tuned to FCP X for creating custom effects, transitions, titles, and generator templates for use in Final Cut Pro (forever) but you can make anything in Motion and then render out what you would like to use in a Hitfilm Project.

    Motion has a ton of stuff built in. Replicators, Emitters, Behaviors and all kinds of filters. Text effects and animations. A selection of generators (like clouds and caustics; gradients; etc.) A library of all different kinds of content. Lights. Cameras. Shape Masks/Image Masks (based on alpha, luminance, or color channel.) And the list goes on... and on...

    How do the effects of HitFilm compare to the capabilities of Motion?

    In my mind Motion is easier (once you get past the learning curve) to use and has many many more behaviors built in vs. Hitfilm. Most things, especially when it comes to motion graphics, are much harder to do in Hitfilm than in Motion. For one thing a lot of manual key-framing needs to be done in Hitfilm.

    I really glossed over the capabilities of Motion 5 here. I guess what it comes down to is what are you wanting to do?

    Just for reference so you have a better idea about Motion 5 check out these creators. The links are to Motion 5 playlists of each creator.

    EDIT: I should note that FXHome has a plugin called Ignite for use in Motion, FCP X, After Effects, etc, etc. Basically Hitfilm Effects (not all) BUT...many of those filters already exist inside Motion natively (with a few exceptions like light wrap and a few others)

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    @GrayMotion Thank you so much for your very thorough response. You definitely answered all my questions.