Trimmer video keeps freezing, pls help ;(

Veryx Posts: 1

I want to edit my video but, the trimmer keeps on freezing the image, i can hear the audio playing; and when i try and go to another minute, it just freezes on the first frame it sees.

I had this problem on hitfilm express 14, so i updated to 16, but it didn't get rid of the problem.

I changed my video codec from obs, from x264 to h265/hevc, but nothing changed.

My windows is updated and so are all my drivers.

My cpu is barely scrapping 10% when editing, and so is my gpu (R5 1600, RX 560)

First time i play the video in the trimmer, it doesn't freeze, but after i start pausing and moving back and forward, then it get unsupportable and i just close it. :(

I know this was asked many times, but i tried almost everything people said to do.