From editor to composite help or workflow.

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I have searched this out a bit and haven't found a good answer yet. If I edit say film clips in the editor and want to add this in a composite shot. Should I render the film clips as a video file then bring into a composite since you cannot select all the film clips and make a composite. Thank you as always for the great help here.



  • Stargazer54
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    @Randyrhoads3 I believe you have the right idea. Especially if it is a long set multiple clips you have edited. But if it is fairly short, you can edit your clips in a composite shot. Then create a new comp shot and place the "edit" comp inside the new one (thus, a "nested comp") and then add effects. You can keep going with the nested comp idea as long and as far as your system resources allow.

    Just know that whenever you split a video layer in a composite shot it will split it into 2 layers. One you would probably throw away. But your next clip will be on it's own layer, and so on. So it can get pretty cumbersome to do multiple edits in a comp - but it is doable up to a point.

  • Randyrhoads3
    Randyrhoads3 Posts: 56 Just Starting Out*

    Thank you @Stargazer54. I appreciate the help here.