Belongs Hitfilm to Wondershare? Filmora Pro looks very similar... :-)

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Does anyone know about the connections between Hifilm and Wondershare?

I'm curious since I saw that the user interface and functions are almost the same.

Is the engine the same?

Could Wondershare templates also work for Hitfilm?

What can Wondershare do better than Hitfilm? 


  • Georgefilm
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    Their not related (As far as I know), FXhome owns Hitfilm, Ignite, Photo-key, and others, but not Filmora,

    Don't know about the templates though :)

  • ndpproductions
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    @Trommlertom I found that someone else asked the same question on the forums in May last year and here is a link to it.

    From this I saw a comment from Javert that might answer your first question: "We’re working closely with Wondershare on their software, Filmora Pro, and we share knowledge and expertise between our two development teams."

    As GeaorgeFilmLtd. typed, FXhome owns Hitfilm Express, Hitfilm Pro, Imerge, Ignite, Photo-Key, Action Pro and CamTrackAR but NOT Filmora.

    I don't think that Wondershare templates work in Hitfilm as they both have a different set of features (but I could be wrong).

    I haven't ever used Filmora, but I have used Hitfilm (Pro and Express) for the past 4-5 years and I can say that Hitfilm is amazing and has been able to do everything I wanted it to do. In addition to that, Hitfilm Express is FREE and doesn't slap a watermark on your video so it's really good if you are just starting out and aren't willing to immediately spend money. I hope this helps! 😀