Help! loosing quality when importing.

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i have a question about importing a video into hitfilm. I am currently filming with an sony HXR-NX30E. it records in 1080/50i FX as a m2ts file. Now when i view the videos in windows media they are smooth and look great. but when i import them into hitfilm they become liney with any motion in the shot. They are down as Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0) which i think is the problem.

How can i import the videos and still keep their quality?


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    It flat-out needs to be deinterlaced. Hitfilm (and Mocha) want to deal with progressive footage. 


  • yeah it looks exactly like that! What is progressive footage?

    thank you for your replies.

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    You camera is shooting 50i--this is the European broadcast standard for High-def material (the North American standard is 60i).

    The "i" in 50/60i stands for "interlaced." What this means is, that while PAL (European) broadcast is at "25 frames per second" each frame is broken into a "field." A field is half of a frame, generated by skipping every other line.

    In other words, to make one 1920x1080, 25 fps frame your camera is shooting 60 1920x540 "fields." First the camera is capturing lines 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc, ("odd/top fields")then going back to capture lines 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc ("even/bottom fields.")

    Incidentally, standard definition video is "lower field" first, where HD footage is "upper field first." This is because SMPTE, in it's infinite wisdom decide to make converting SD footage to HD much much harder! (Seriously, I don't know why the shift in fields, but it really is a pain in the ass if you have to combine SD and HD footage on a timeline for some reason.

    "Progressive" means that all lines are drawn in order--1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

    Hitfilm is mostly designed for internet output, and, as such, really wants progressive footage (incidentally, so does mocha). Besides--it's easier to generate effects for progressive frames than interlaced! When importing interlaced footage, Hitfilm is simply combining the two fields into a straight frame. With fast motion, this leads to the "tearing" or lines you're seeing in your footage.

    You can use free software like MPEG Streamclip or VirtualDub to de-interlace footage, or, if you have Vegas, Premiere, Avid or Final Cut, you can use those to de-interlace.

  • my camera can record in a few different formats could one of them be progressive rather than interlaced?

    thank you for all the info its great.

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    You're welcome. :-) Yeah, shoot in the "50p" mode if you're shooting for slow-motion or "25p" if not. Reason I say this is that let's assume you're shooting at the 28mbps data rate: if you're shooting at 25p more of that data is available per-frame--better quality images. So only shoot 50p if you want slow-motion--that's when you need the extra frames for motion smoothness. 

  • Wicked! so my camera has the format 1080/25p FH would that work for just normal footage no slow mo?

    again thank you lol im sure you have better things to do lol

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    Yeah, that'll work. Better things to do? Nah, if I am on the forums I am here to participate in discussions or answer questions to the best of my knowledge. :-) 

  • Fair enough. Well i have just concluded a very simple test shot with the new camera format and imported it into hitfilm and it no longer has any liney business. So thank you very much. My project would have looked terrible without your help.

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    Always glad to be of assistance. Glad it was an easy fix! Good luck with your project.