Transparency or Opacity effect for Grade layer in Composite shot?

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I'd like to put a grade layer that will influence all layers under it to appear smoothly from 0 to 100 opacity.

I didn't find a transparency or opacity effect to put on the grade layer. I have found a workaround to do this, but if there's any smart trick or hidden effect to avoid creating more composite shots that would be cool.



  • Gelqone
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    You can change the Grade layer's opacity in transform panel, like with any other layer 🀨

  • RikVargard
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    @Gelqone Thanks for the reply πŸ‘οΈ, but alas, when I change de grade layer's opacity it doesn't influence de layers below .

  • Triem23
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    To affect the transparency of an entire Comp you have to embed it and change the opacity of the embedded layer.

    For reference, while a Grade Layer/Adjustment Layer is often described as "adding effects to all layers under itself at once," this is not what a Grade Layer truly does.

    A Grade Layer forces a render of all layers under itself then feeds itself this render. This is the "raw state" of the Grade Layer. This pixel data is then fed to the Effects engine for the Grade Layer, effects are rendered, then fed to the Masking module for the Grade Layer. Masks are then applied and the final output calculated. Then Hitfilm moves to the next layer (or renders final result if this Grade is the top layer of the Comp.

    Note that Media Layers (photo, video, text, model, particle, plane) do masks BEFORE effects. On a media layer effects that generate pixel data (Glows, lightning, etc) may create effects that go outside masked areas. On a Grade Layer a mask cuts off the edges of all effects. This is specifically so things like glows can be rotoscoped for occlusion.

    It also means a Grade Layer can be used as a Source Layer by effects that use source layers. There are some neat tricks this makes possible.

    But, yes, adjusting the opacity of a Grade Layer only affects the opacity of the Grade (and its effects) itself, not any underlying layer data.

  • RikVargard
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    @Triem23 Thank you very much for your in-depth reply!πŸ˜€πŸ‘οΈ

    I think I understood like 50% πŸ˜…