[FEATURE] multi cam group.

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Editors can group clips together which were filmed with different cameras but they have the same duration and waveform.

Hence, we can sync the clips with their waveform or in/out point and display them as different shots simultaneously in the trimmer window but as a grouped clip.

Then we can choose which shot to be taken instead of cascading the video clips in different tracks and make cuts to choose.



  • FXhomer165727
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    This would be great, an example is shooting a music video in different locations, or with multiple cameras, all the video clips would be the full length of the song, and all would align and it should be easy to flip back and forth between them for the final video instead of a load of slicing.

  • mabdelbary
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    It is a big time saver and it adds more efficiency to the work process 👍️