Black Video when Exporting

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I have recently started using HitFilm Express for putting together old videos. It worked fine for the first couple of projects, but all of a sudden it's not working. Everything seems fine while I'm working on the project, but when I export the video I can hear the sound, but I can't see the video. All I see is black. I am using the most recent version of HitFilm on a Dell Inspiron 3647 running Windows 8.1

Could the issue be my computer not having enough RAM to run HitFilm, or another similar problem?

Thanks in advance.


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    Based on what I'm seeing, your computer is barely scraping the minimum spec for the current version of HitFilm, and could even be below-spec. Frankly, I'm impressed it appears to be working as well as it does.

    You could try updating your OS and your graphics drivers. Please see this FAQ for details on updating your GPU. It is important that you update the GPU directly from the manufacturer, and not Windows Update.

    Since you have a Dell, there's a small possibility your issue could be related to this:

    If that doesn't work, you are most likely under-spec for the latest versions of HitFilm. If we can get your CPU, GPU, and RAM, that would help us determine which version you should be able to run.

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    Besides your specs, let's look at your video files. You should download MediaInfo (free) generate a "Tree" report for files in your project and maybe paste one here.

    We're looking to see if your source videos are variable frame rate (VFR). This can cause issues on export, but can be fixed.

    If your footage is from phones/tablets, it's VFR.

    Do you have Comp Shots in your video? HF 15/16 have an intermittent bug where some Comps don't render correctly - but the super simple workaround is to Pre-render the Comp.