Forced 5 minute export no matter what I do

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So I tried EVERYTHING I found online. Nothing works. In and Out? still 5 minutes ( yes i do I and O ) , readjust project length? doesn't change anything (because anyway, not like I don't always have to do that already, weirdly every time I touch to something in the editor, the timeline skyrocket instead of being kept at what I told it to be), Content export? 5 minutes still. Everything is at 45 sec max ( the length i need). I tried selecting everything then exporting, nope. i tried closing and re opening, nope. I also did a new export preset to see, nope. It's just permanently stuck at 5 minute, no matter what I do.

Worst part is that i just bought the software since there's a sale, I feel robbed right now 😑. I've had lots of issues before with the export but not to this degree.

I have the latest version of Hitfilm Express installed. Sanity slipping away.

Thank you for your help 🙏



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    I did a test on a new project, same situation but now i have 0 seconds.

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    Just an observation...Hitfilm Express is free. It cost nothing. You must have bought add-ons for Express?

    As for the 5 minute must be doing something incorrectly...

    First...When you start a project by default Hitfilms project length is 5 minutes.

    Second - If you are exporting from the Editor timeline sometime I and O do not work. Make sure there is a darker gray area behind the Out marker. If O doesn't set the marker then look over at the end of the timeline and drag the Out marker (with your mouse) over to the end of your 45 second clip .

    Third..Click Export/Add to Queue/In-to Out Area

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    its ok i figured out what was wrong after hours, i wanted to close the thread bu i don't have the rank to edit. and yeah i bought the ''content creator'' to support them. also dark mode hurt less the eyes 👀 Thank you for the fast answer though , it's really appreciated :)
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    I still have no clue as for why the length of the project keeps changing whenever i touch something in editor, for instance i just put the length of a video to 2 seconds to 4 seconds instead, the timeline could go from 1 minute to 2 minutes, even 10 minutes, for no reason. Might just be its sensibility to give more place because it thinks i need way more space, I don't know.
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    @tenekuro Since you mention it, why not post your system specs so we can rule that out as an issue?

    The editor timeline will grow in length automatically as you add more to it. But as @GrayMotion pointed out, that can be overridden by the In and Out points "if" when you export you select In-to-Out Area. Otherwise select Contents and the In/Out area will be ignored and everything on the editor timeline will be rendered out to file.

    However, don't confuse the editor timeline with that for a composite shot. Composite shots have their own independent timeline. You may find that you want to extend the time for a comp shot and that is done by right clicking on the comp in the Media panel (or click the gear icon), going to Properties and typing in an explicit Duration.

    You can export directly from a comp shot. Similar to the editor timeline you can use the "i" and "o" keys to define In and Out points for export. Or export the whole comp by selecting Contents from the Export menu.