When was Hitfilm pro worth £913.92?

GarethOwen Posts: 233 Enthusiast

I was looking at the summer sale about upgrading and i see pro is being set at £216 but says is worth £913.92?! Where did that number come from because that is pretty high lol

Considering the bundle of ignite pro and and emerge was set at £687.81 lol but is £412 at the moment. I see the Action pro has been removed or droped?

This is just a curious question as i was a bit shocked lol


  • TheBenNorris
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    @GarethOwen where are you seeing that number? I cannot find it on the store.

  • Andy001z
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    I can't find it also, I wonder was it in your email. I got an email about Pro suscribtion. Maybe it is the total cost of buying all the bolt ons, which if you do is much more than buying a full pro licence.

  • Triem23
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    @GarethOwen @TheBenNorris @Andy001z

    I've never seen that number either, but... Remember HF Pro has some third party stuff. Boris sells the Boris 3D Objects unit for $299, yet it's bundled with Hitfilm Pro, so, to a marketer, that adds another $299 to the "value/worth" of the package. Because Mocha Hitfilm is a paid Express Add On, its $50 cost would also be added to the value of the package. Possibly same with Foundry. If the bundle you're seeing as £913.92 is Pro, Imerge and Ignite, a new Pro license is $299, a new Ignite license is $299 and a new Imerge license is about $150. That's about $750. The $299 for Boris takes that to about $1050. Exchange USD to GBP and its gonna be a bit over £900.

    So the numbers sound correct.

    The FXhome store is automatically showing you RENEWAL/UPGRADE pricing because you're an existing customer, so the store is showing you a lower price than the email.