Any info on upcoming HF version?

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Usually I would just upgrade every year but I've been tighter with a buck and honestly it's been a while since a really meaty update. For me personally the last feature added that I use at all is the masking shapes and that was added almost a year ago. FXHome you give me markers I'll buy this sale right up.


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    Well, FXhome is pretty tight lipped on new features until just before launch. There have been times when planned features were postponed for a version to make a timely release date.

    I wish I could tell you. FXhome is working on several highly requested workflow, speed, and quality-of-use improvements people will be happy with and a slew of sexy new features, but no one can be more specific than that - and that was really frickin' vague.

    But, if money is tight right now, if memory serves there's often a sale around September and, of course, always the other big sale near Xmas. If you want to lay back a few months and see what the next versions bring, that's cool.

    To be pedantic, 16 was a much meatier update than many realize. The core OpenGL and OpenCL versions raised from 2.1/1.0 to 4.1/1.2 which opens up new features in the future and did require a lot of recoding across every aspect of the software. It doesn't all show on the surface, but 16 was possibly the most significant update since Hitfilm 1.0.

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    Note: I might have a moderator badge, but I don’t know anything about future releases, so this is all conjecture based on publicly available knowledge.

    Typically, there’s 3 big updates in a year.

    1 around February/March (2021.1 - admittedly this year it was basically just 16 with a fresh coat of paint, no real new features)

    Another in summertime - we’re due for an update pretty soon if they follow the typical release schedule, and if Mike’s comments are any indication, this one might just make up for the rather lackluster 2021.1 release

    The third one is usually at the end of the year, typically December but sometimes November as well. This is even more speculative, but this one would probably get a ton of new features as well… more of the stuff that Mike mentioned, plus anything that wasn’t ready for the “summer” update

    @Triem23 You’ve mastered the art of teasing without actually saying anything meaningful. 👏👏👏

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    @Triem23 Beta tester confirmed.

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    @triforcefx is correct on the projected release schedule - typically two or three major versions and three or four bug fix releases.

    Remember COVID played havoc with the schedule. Working from home meant the teams didn't have access to all machines in the office. Then the company got ridiculous buzz from that Apple presentation. Again, NDA means I can't give any details on what little I know, but I can say everyone has been working their tails off. Multiple Staff members have told me they've never been as busy in Norwich as they are now. FXhome has big plans across all their product lines. Some great enhancements ahead, and I'm sure the Staff and other Beta Testers are eagerly awaiting community response to what's ahead.

    I'll give you all two hints. First, find a post where Javert said "Hitfilm doesn't >do this thing<...yet." Second, all features of Ignite Pro typically release in Hitfilm first, but, if you can find the FXhome preview article about the upcoming Ignite Pro 2021.1, you might find some teasers...

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    That cosmos effect sounds interesting. I'd have to see its options but it might be able to pull off something I've wanted to be able to do for a while. Still I can suffer to wait till the back friday sale.

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    This is what we talked about in the March promotion email.

    What’s coming to 

    HitFilm Pro in June?

    Lightning-fast editing

    You'll get faster playback than ever before with new Timeline render caching! Watch your videos back on the editor timeline in real-time without compromising quality.

    New effects, animations, and transitions

    You'll create engaging titles and credits with new, easy-to-use animations and transitions. Add new realistic Glow effects for additional flair.

    FBX camera import/export

    You'll be able to import and export your animated camera movement between HitFilm and other 3D software, including Unreal. Perfect for a fast workflow.

    I hope this update isn't at the level of copying effects from Filmora again.


    The 3 effects in Hitfilm Pro are updated first in Filmora

    copied as is.

    The foretold cosmos effect is in Filmora Pro.

    One option is not wrong, and what you see on Hit Film Pro again is the same.

    didn't and does.

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    HitFilm and Filmora share technology, so there’s a lot of overlap between the two.

    Filmora Pro is basically a reskinned version of HitFilm’s editor timeline.

    This is similar to how Vegas Effects is basically a reskinned version of HitFilm’s compositing timeline.