Saw an old article about AE>HF template porting?

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Is this true? I haven't actually tried it yet nor had access to my editing computer in a while (life's been wild), but I saw a mid 2019 article that said you could basically port-in AE things now. I know as of 2018 and before this wasn't possible, did this actually change? And if so, how is it done?


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    I do not know where you think you read what you think you read but it's mostly wrong.

    Hitfilm Pro (only) can use a very small subset of Ae plug ins.

    Hitfilm Pro 16+ (only) can import AAF files which might be provided from other EDITORS (note Ae is NOT an editor, it's a compositor/VFX program).

    AAF is an interchange format for editor timelines and it's very limited in what can transfer over. AAF will transfer audio, video and picture positions on the Timeline, cuts ONLY. Any effects, transitions, animation, nested timelines, and generated media will be lost. This is inevitable and impossible to change.

    Understand, different NLEs have different capabilites, effects and workflow. There is a reason why AAF and XML interchange is cuts only.

    As far as Ae templates go? No. There are just too many fundamental differences between an Ae Composition and a Hitfilm Comp Shot for this to be feasible. Hitfilm has no expressions. Any template that used expressions? Broken. Hitfilm and Ae have different order of operations. Ae track mattes? Probably broken. What about effects Ae has that Hitfilm doesn't? Template uses vector blur? It's broken.

    For the exact same reason Hitfilm templates can't go to Ae. 3D models and particles in Ae are always rendered to 2D layers and comped in layer order. Even if Ae loaded models the same way as Hitfilm (and it doesn't, and the varied plug ins that allow Ae to use 3D models don't support all the formats Hitfilm can, and Hitfilm's Particle Sim is radically different from Ae's and Trapcode Particular), was that template using the unified 3D unrolled space? Ae doesn't have that. Template broken. Did the Hitfilm Template use Atomic Particles? Ae doesn't have that. Template broken.

    What I'm trying to stress here is that not only can Ae not import Ae templates it will never import Ae templates. To do so Hitfilm would have to have the exact capabilities, effects, order of operations and workflow as Ae.