My Hitfilm Express won't run

pinkvanillasecretxx Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

So I have had Hitfilm for 3 years now and I am just now coming across this problem. About 2 weeks ago I accidentally hit the minimize button in the top right corner. After that Hitfilm Express crashed and I had to close it. When I tried to open it back up it would start to run and show up in the application bar, I would hover over the application and it would show up in a miniwindow like how it does when you hover over google chrome and it shows your open tabs. But when I click Hitfilm it wouldn't work. It would stay transparent so that I could see to what application was behind it. My screen would have YouTube open and a folder file open and I would click the Hitfilm app and I would still be able to see my open Youtube and my folder. But when I click around I would be sent to a Hitfilm tutorial because I would still be able to interact with Hitfilm but I wasn't able to see it.

It still runs in task manager and it would take the same amount of CPU it normally takes. I have enough space on my computer and my computer is up to date.

Last note, when I go to uninstall it, it will say "repair" on it, I'll click repair and it'll go through the loading of repairing it then it will just stop and act like it never did anything, the repair will still be there.

If someone could help I'd be much obliged, I've reinstalled the software 12 different times, both from the site and from the installer aswell as deleted all pathways many times. I don't wanna stop using this software because I do love editing on it.