My post Apocalyptic Movie

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I am a student at a college. I am a filmstudies minor. This is my latest. I am by no means a pro, but I do enjoy making movies quite a bit. Any feedback, positive or negative would be appreciated.



It was shot on a Canon t3i

edited using Hitfilm


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    Heres this Link:

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    Should have known from the "burn the bodies" line.

    Nice job guys! Only a couple minor things- There's one edit that didn't look right to me- the end of the campfire scene.

    The blood splatter on the face  from the baseball bat scene wasn't realistic. Not enough splats so a little on the light side. Maybe next time, get some of what you're using for blood and dip your fingers in and flick your fingers toward the actors face so it looks more like splatter. It looked too 'applied'.

    The gas mask lines were a little difficult to understand due to the muffling of the voice. You don't need to say the lines louder, just enunciate a little more and the lines/words would be easier to hear.

    Then the little glitch in the end credits- oops. I see how that happened though. Easily corrected.

    Did you use an external digital recorder for sound or hook a mic up to the camera? The sound was nice and clear.

    Overall, I like the story, the settings were nice choices, the pacing is steady and the music fit the scenes. So who owned the dog in the background? Just curious if it was one of your guys dog.

    Keep up the good work- you'll get better the more you produce. Scale of one to ten I'd give this an 8.5.


  • ChrisMurphy
    ChrisMurphy Website User Posts: 61

    Thanks for the input. I am a film minor at my college. I am by no means pro at this, but I enjoy mayking movies quite a bit. Actually I didnt have a exteral mic, I got lucky with the sound. I am going to tighten up the project before it is due for class

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