Pre-Render cropped resolution?

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Hello, I created a little 3D animation in Blender and exported it as a PNG sequence. Whenever I import this PNG sequence and pre-render in Hitfilm, it crops the pre-render. The sequence is 3150 x 3150. When I pre-render the sequence the resolution stays the same but the image gets cropped in.

Before Pre-Render

After Pre-Render


  • Stargazer54
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    @aznterry If you want the output from HF to be the same as your incoming content (3150 x 3150). Make sure your project settings and/or composite shot properties are set to 3150 x 3150.

    Normally after ingesting video or an image sequence into the media panel and then dragging to the editor timeline for the first time, the software will ask you if you want the timeline to match the incoming video. Note this can accidentally be toggled off. But the requestor can be restored by going to File, Options, Prompts & Warnings.

  • Triem23
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    If you are using Hitfilm Express your maximum resolution is capped to 2160 lines of vertical resolution (as in 3840x2160 4k UHD video).

    If you are using Hitfilm Pro your GPU needs 4GB or more of VRAM to create larger than 4k timelines.

    @Stargazer54 I wrote this yesterday and never hit post, but I'm referring you to the first paragraph of this response.