How to export timeline cuts and edits as a timestamped text-based list?

RabidChasebot Posts: 1
edited June 2021 in HitFilm

Basically, I have a bunch of video clips that are all named with tags I can search for in File Explorer. I'd like to be able to export a list of each file by name and with a timestamp to where it's located on the Timeline. For example:

00:00:00 - cool clip 1

00:10:00 - cool clip 2

00:15:00 - scary clip

00:25:00 - funny clip

00:40:00 -wacky time

So that way, when I export the project as a single video, I could have a text file where I can hit CTRL+F and search for the clip at a later time and know exactly where in the video that clip occurs on the timeline, making it easy to find that exact moment by keyword. Any advice? I think this feature may not exist so I'm putting it in the "Feature Requests" section.