[ENHANCEMENT] Use mouse wheel to scroll drop-down menu options.

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It would be great if all the drop down menus in the app could be "rolled through" with the mouse wheel. For example: If I were in in the Controls --> clip properties -->Blend menu, instead of popping open the the drop down list and selecting one of the types, I could just put the mouse over the menu and roll through the types with my mouse wheel. A lot of times, rather than knowing which type of blend I want, I just want to scroll through them and see which one I like. This is currently annoying to do because you have to click the menu to open the list, then click one of the types, then the list closes. Repeat that for each selection, over and over. If I am just trying to go through the list to preview each type ,this becomes annoying quickly.


  • TheBenNorris
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    @AxisEvo for what it's worth, this is known internally, although we planned to actually do the opposite and remove the scroll functionality from all of them, since it seems to be some of the dropdowns scroll and some don't, and we had reports that they were accidentally scrolling them and changing their whole render.

    I'll be interested however to see how popular this thread is, as it could mean we do the exact opposite after all!

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    @AxisEvo great suggestion. I've Voted Up! However, please read what I say to Ben, below, because I'm speculating on something I think you meant and don't want to accidentally misrepresent you.

    @TheBenNorris I think what AxisEvo intends is this... The menu itself should still need to be selected/clicked for the drop down to activate, but I think AxisEvo wants to scroll the menu and have the results update during the scroll.

    Axis wrote of Blend Modes, "I just want to scroll through them and see which one I like." Axis wants to click the menu to enable it, then be able to scroll the list of Blend Modes with the blend updating during the scroll. Clicking away from the menu closes the menu and commits the change.

    Same with the font list in the varied text tools. If, like me, you have thousands of fonts and hundreds installed I'd like to input my text, click to open the menu, scroll with my wheel and see the font change as I scroll.

    Current behavior is click to open the menu, scroll to select item, click to close menu, at which point the item applies. If the blend mode or font (or other value) isn't what's desired I have to move my mouse, click to reopen the menu ans start again.

    So, if I understand Axis correctly it's not quite just hovering the mouse over the menu to scroll with the wheel. It's more having the render update as the menu is being scrolled.

    One should still have to click on the menu to activate it to scroll. A hover activation lends itself to accidental value changes.

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    @Triem23 I would like to note about font preview that I don't when it was added but if you hover over a font name a little tiny preview shows albeit kind of smallish.

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    @tddavis Terry I'd not noticed that! 👍

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    That IS what I meant. Thank you. A perfect example of this is in Photoshop and the layer blend modes menu. You can roll the wheel through the list and the image updates in real time.

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    To be honest, I HAVE had the problem you mention except in photoshop. In photoshop with scrolling menus, when you move the cursor away from the menu, BUT DONT CLICK ANYTHING NEW (so photoshop thinks you are still wanting to interact with the previously clicked menu), then try to zoom , etc. with the wheel - instead of zooming you start scrolling through the menu items. So yah, I can see how that can be a problem.

    Maybe menu scrolling could be "Ctrl+ mousewheel"? That might stop people from accidentally scrolling through menus.