Black screen when I open Hit Film Express

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I paid for and installed Hit Film Express and just get a black screen when I open it. Apparently this is not a new problem and has been around for a while with no solution. Had I known about this issue, I would have kept my money! I'm using the following

Windows 10 Pro (64-bit os, x64-based processor)

Intel i7 processor

3 monitors

Does anyone have possible solutions? TIA


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    Knowing the exact model of i7 might be helpful.

    Am I correct in assuming you have no dedicated GPU and rely on the iGPU built into your i7?

    First thing to do is to double check your GPU drivers. You cannot trust Windows to do this for you. Since 2018 Intel has handled all driver updates via their own site:

    If you have a dedicated GPU not previously listed, this FAQ is helpful.

    This is an intermittent bug that only seems to affect certain hardware combinations and also seems confined to certain Intel iGPUs (at least from what I've seen in forum discussions - Ambassadors and Moderators are user volunteers, not FXhome employees, so I have no access to customer support logs to confirm that).

    None of my laptops are affected, no matter what combination of external monitors I add in on a particular day.

    The current workaround is to unplug extra monitors, start Hitfilm, then plug monitors back in again. Obviously, how annoying this is varies depending on one's computer/workspace setup.

    Otherwise, Hitfilm Express itself is free, but, if you wish to ask for a refund on any add-ons you've purchased pending resolution of the issue, you should read this.

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    Triem23 - Thank you for responding. I followed your suggestions and still kept getting the black screen so I kept digging and searching for issues and topics centered around dedicated GPUs and by a stroke of luck and a lot of trial and error, the problem has been resolved. Turns out I needed to go into the NVIDIA control panel switch some things to Maximum Performance.

    Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!
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    Well, glad you found a solution to the issue!

    Hmmm. Wonder if I should check the "tuning" on my own GPU. Maybe I can squeeze out some extra performance.