Upgrading My Hitfilm

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Hi again,

I'm still using the 1937 version of Hitfilm. Hitfilm Express 4. I really enjoy it, I really do, so thanks to the team for that.

Here's why I'm still on such an old version, maybe you can suggest a path forward.

I tried upgrading to HE 9, which does run ok on my computer

2011 - 27inch iMac

2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

16 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB

I still use HE 9 for Puppet Tool, works great. Regrettably masking is broken on dual monitors on HE 9, a known bug. This is a deal killer for me.

I've discussed this before, and nobody seemed to know in what version this masking bug was fixed. Not wanting to install and test every version of Hitfilm I gave up and went back to HE 4, which I am still very happy with. Excellent software.


1) Anybody know when masking on dual monitors was fixed?

2) What versions of Hitfilm beyond HE9 have the same system requirements as HE9?

Thank you much. And if no solution is possible, no worries, I'll just keep happily using HE4 until 2137.


  • cluelessnube
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    What versions of Hitfilm Express above version 9 have the same system requirements as version 9?

    At what point in the development of versions above 9 did Hitfilm change so as to require a more powerful Mac?

    I know version 9 will run on my old machine. I'm trying to determine which higher versions will also work.

    Hope this make sense! Thanks.

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    Hi version 9 is very old, here is the current spec requirement.

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    Hi Andy, thanks.

    I have a ten year old Mac, thus I need old versions of Hitfilm.

    I know HE9 will work here, as I already have it installed.

    I'm trying to figure out how much higher in Hitfilm versions I can go on my machine.

    I don't have the versions of OSX listed as requirements for the latest version of Hitfilm. And I doubt my machine could handle the latest versions of Hitfilm if I did.

    Was there a turning point somewhere above HE 9 where Hitfilm required additional resources? Would versions 10 and 11 of Hitfilm work on my machine just as well as HE9?

    I hope this makes my question clearer.

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    @cluelessnube I seem to recall some change was made around 11 that might affected system performances, but I'm on a PC so fuzzy memory experiences that I am trying to recall reading about are all I can give you. Definitely a change was made after 13 though. Since you can get the old installers readily, I would try 13 first and if it doesn't work on your machine fall back to 12, then 11 if need be. You do need to uninstall going backward on versions, but not necessarily forward.

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    Hi @cluelessnube

    I noticed that you made two different discussions on the exact same topic. I understand that you did not receive any response to your original discussion, but please do not do this in the future. I have merged your two threads to show the additional information you provided in the original thread.


    To answer your question, if you can run HitFilm 9, then you should absolutely be able to run up to v11 with no issues, as they have the same minimum specs.

    The main compatibility issues with v12-15 were caused by the depreciation of the Intel HD 4000. Luckily, you have a discrete GPU. Officially, the Radeon 6000 series also lost support in version 12, but we’ve rarely heard of users having issues with old AMD cards. Version 15 may well be worth trying.

    Version 16 is when the listed specs seemingly became “hard” lower limits instead of “soft” lower limits. Due to the age of your computer, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to run v16 or later.

    To summarize, if you want the most seamless experience, you should be able to get HitFilm 11 with no issues.

    If you want to try and get the most recent version of HitFilm possible, try HitFilm 15.

    If you want to really push your luck, try 2021.1, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to run it at all.

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    First, sorry about the duplicate threads. I was trying to refine my question to make it easier to answer, but I wasn't doing a very good job of it.

    Your answer is great, much appreciated. That's exactly what I was trying to determine.

    This question may be harder to address, but here goes.

    The masking in HE 9 was greatly improved over HE 4 (what I've been using daily since it's release). However there is a fatal bug in masking in HE 9 when used on dual monitors. You can't place mask points anywhere near where you wish to, not even close. Bug already known to staff.

    I was hoping to learn in what version above HE 9 this bug was fixed.

    Should anyone happen to know this obscure fact, many thanks in advance for clueing me in.

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    A followup question...

    I went in to my FXhome account and see I have the following activated.

    Motion: Puppet

    HitFilm Express 2017 (version 9)

    HitFilm 4 Express

    How should I go about replacing version 9 with a higher version?

    I definitely wish to keep HE 4 untouched, no changes at all, as I use it everyday, and it's my fall back plan if nothing else works.

    Thank you!

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    So, Hitfilm 2017 is the last "individual" build of Hitfilm - all Hitfilm versions used to be 'separate' installations with unique file structures. All post - 2017 versions are "updating" builds... Which means you could install HF 10-16 alongside HF 4 and 2017, but altering the HF build (i.e. Trying 11 then trying 12, or trying 12 and reverting to 11) means Hitfilm re-installs over itself.

    Effectively you'll be doing a brand new installation of Hitfilm from here. For now turn that "Pay What You Will" slider down to $0. BOOKMARK the Pay What You Want page. You can always go back there after installing, and the PWYW page has some add-on discounts you won't get in the add-on store.

    Note your HF 2017 add ons might carry through "oddly." The add on packs were shuffled and the individual effects in your prior add ons should carry through (I think), but the packs might not register as purchased, since the packs and effects in them changed. Check your Puppet tool. I'm pretty sure it'll still be there.

    Note that reversion - downgrading from HF 12 to 11 - means you need to completely uninstall Hitfilm before installing the older version. An upgrade - moving from 11 to 12 - you just install over itself.

    This sign up page should direct you to the HF 2021.1 (16.1) installer, but you need to go through this way to activate the Express license with FXhome. Once that's done you can throw away the 16.1 installer and find an earlier build here:

    I think 12 is the highest version you can run. Try 12. 3 first. The page linked below also has the change logs for each version and both HF 10 and HF 12 had a bunch of fixes to masks. So I think 12.3 is your best bet.

    @triforcefx HF16 changed from OpenGL 1.2 to 4.0 or 4.1 and from OpenCL 1.0 to 1.2. That's certainly why the spec limits became "hard.'

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    Wow, and wow! Thanks Triem, this is extremely helpful. Much appreciated. I'll follow your advice and see how it works out on my machine. Should be good.

    I didn't see a mention of masking repair in the notes, but I'll just test it after install and see for myself. That should work, I doubt they let that bug live on through multiple versions.

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    Ok, I have 12.3 installed. And now, as usual, I am completely baffled by the activation scheme. Honestly, it's never made a bit of sense to me, and that's one reason I've been using HE 4 ever since it came out. Anyway...

    I launch the program and get the license popup. It says "you have used all your activations", but leaves me in the dark as to what that means. What am I supposed to do about having used all my activations? Doesn't tell me.

    I went in to my FXhome account and deactivated HE 9. This seems to make no difference.

    At one point the Activation panel in prefs was filled with all kinds of numbers which made it look like I was activated. Now all numbers are gone. No idea why, or what it means.

    As best I can tell 12.3 was installed on top of HE 9, if that matters.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    @cluelessnube "As best I can tell 12.3 was installed on top of HE 9, if that matters."

    Yes, this is as should be. 6 thru 16 all share the same serial number whereas before each install created it's own. You should still the serial for 4 unless you uninstalled that as well. If you did you can safely put that back as it won't interfere with 6-16. If you keep getting not activated messages when you open HItfilm you might try rebooting the computer. I have had that happen where just a restart of the program didn't trigger the routine, but a reboot did.

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    Hi there, thanks for the clarification. I have tried a reboot, but that' s not working. I put in a ticket to support requesting assistance, that should help.

    The basic problem seems to be that I really have no idea how the registration system works. That won't matter once I get this done, as I'm unlikely to be upgrading again until I get a newer computer which can run latest versions.

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    Support got this fixed, so many thanks to them. Apparently they needed to manually deactivate the license on their end. Once that was done I was able to activate Hitfilm without further difficulty. I still have no idea how the activation system works, but tht probably doesn't matter anymore, as it appears I've upgraded as far as is possible on my current Mac.

    A quick test of masking in 12.3 suggests masking on dual monitors is now working. Assuming so, masking has been substantially improved since HE 4, so yippie for that. I'm looking forward to exploring the other improvements.

    Thanks again to FXhome for Hitfilm, and to all for assistance in upgrading my setup.