Can I use either the GTX960 or GTX1050ti for 4k video editing?

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Just a straight forward question; Can I use either the GTX960 or GTX1050ti for 4k video editing?

I know these cards are old now but from what I can tell from searching online, they should allow me to edit 4k video. I just thought I would ask here for confirmation.

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    They will both allow 4k editing. They are older cards so they won't be as fast as newer ones of course.

    Benchmarks are imperfect, but the 960 and 1050ti bench within 5% of each other with the 960 being a tick faster), which isn't a significant difference. For most practical purposes you can treat these cards as being identically powered, so pick up whichever one you can get at the best price. Obviously, if you can get the 960 for less that's the way to go, but, if the 1050ti is less, pick that one up.

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    @nictu Probably not as straightforward as you were hoping, but...

    Technically speaking? Yes, they will both edit 4K.

    Will they do it well? Maybe, but there's a good chance they'll struggle- at least under certain circumstances. They just aren't very powerful compared to modern GPUs.

    Good 4K editing depends on many other things as well including your processor, RAM, storage drives, how your media is encoded, and the effects you're using.

    Here's a few questions that can better help us evaluate your situation:

    What are the rest of your specs? (OS, CPU, current GPU, RAM. Hard drive or SSD?) Where do you source your footage? What settings do you use for your footage (a MediaInfo report could be helpful)? Do you transcode your footage before importing? If so, what settings do you use? Do you use many effects? What effects?

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    Thank you both for your replies,

    Out of interest my pc was originally built for 1080p video editing; CPU AMD Ryzen 3 1300 x; 24Gb RAM; Windows 10; GT1030 GPU. I can colour grade 4k with this system as playback is so critical with the particular footage I'm editing. Things get slightly better if I transcode to H.264 from H.265.

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    I have a GTX 950m (the 4GB version) with an i7-6700HQ and 16GB RAM, it's quite similar to your setup in terms of graphics and memory and it struggles with 4K editing as @triforcefx suggests.

    I always downscale to 1080p to preserve some of the 4K nice image details, because otherwise as soon as I open Mocha to track something in 4K, I'm done. Color grading it's ok most of the time unless you start using the grading transfer and light wrap effects. Compositing 3D models, complex effects or anything similar on top of a 4K footage means my PC says goodbye.

    I have observed that within a laptop, the external HDMI port is always managed by the Intel GPU no matter which GPU uses Hitfilm Pro / Express. That doesn't mean Hitfilm won't use the Nvidia GPU, it does, but not in the same way a desktop PC will (this behavior is called Nvidia Optimus). I think you are talking about a desktop PC, but just in case :)

    TL;DR: As @Triem23 suggests, pick the cheapest one as they're quite similar, and if just color grading, then go, if compositing 4K footage, you'll need to downscale to 1080 to be at least usable.

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    @laconstantedeplanck quick observation on Optimus. Optimus has been changed with the 3xxx generation. Basically now the Nvidia GPU CAN output to HDMI and Displayport.

    Optimus has always been a PITA.

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    @Triem23 Didn't know that! Thanks for pointing it out :)

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    Of course, Bro, that is possible. You even can play amlost all the modern games. You should ask another question: how long will I render such videos?

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