Keyboard Shortcut For Beginning Of Selection?

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Hitfilm 4 Express

COMPOSITING: Is there a keyboard shortcut that takes you back to the beginning (or end) of a selected section of a video?

I see how to go back to the beginning of the entire video. Very helpful.


  • Triem23
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    You're using a very old version of Hitfilm and the 4 Express manual online does not list all keyboard shortcuts.

    You'll have to go into the File>Options Menu and look in the Shortcuts list yourself, I'm afraid.

  • cluelessnube
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    Thanks Triem, I looked in preferences and don't see it. I guess they didn't need that feature in 1938. :-) No big deal, life goes on.

  • cluelessnube
    cluelessnube Posts: 515 Enthusiast

    Ok, same question for Hitfilm Express 12.3.

    Keyboard shortcut for going to beginning/end of selected section in composite timeline.

    I've looked in the preferences, but can't seem to get anything to work. Here's what I see in preferences.

    Not sure if this is what I'm looking for, or what the symbols refer to.

    Thank you much.