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So I am editing on hitfilm express and I have a 00:04:44:46 minute video ive edited. How can I export it? Im pretty sure I can only export about 2 minutes. How can I export the whole thing? I know its not done yet but im worried I can only export around 2 minutes.



  • Andy001z
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    From the above screen shot it looks like you have an in and out set on your timeline. If you want to export while timeline you need to select export contents not in and out. Otherwise reset the out and in using keys O and I

  • FilmSensei
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    @clee62402 In addition to what @Andy001z said, you can also set the In-to-Out Points to match the content on the Editor Timeline by simply hitting the P key.

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    [{"insert":{"mention":{"name":"Andy001z","userID":19865}}},{"insert":" and "},{"insert":{"mention":{"name":"FilmSensei","userID":24222}}},{"insert":" Thank you both! It helped me out and now I have it to the size I need!\n"}]
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