Comet in space heading to Earth

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I need some help.

I have a scene where the camera flies off into the blue sky, into space and directly towards a comet heading towards Earth.

I am trying to do it in 3D using Productioncrate Lava Rock model and want the result to look something like this but more 'coming straight towards you'

I'm really struggling and can't even get the 3D model to appear

<edit> OK. Got the model to appear. It was all coloured black on a black background (a bit of HitchHikers Guide moment). Might be able to make some progress now as just need to make the trail.

<EDIT2> I've got something good enough. Just used my 'Iron Man Jets' trail which is based off missile smoke. It's not great but works well enough for me.


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    Was it REALLY one of those "little black label on a black background with a little black light that lights up black to let you know you've done it" moment, or was it more of a, "you see, the thing about space is, it's black, and the thing about black holes is, they're black, and the thing about grit is, it's black!" moment?

    Think carefully. In one you lose your robot, in the other your wooden Napoleonic soldiers and javanese camphor wood chest.

    In seriousness, I've had that happen, too. When importing a model that seems to not import I've FINALLY gotten to the point where the first two things I check are that the materials didn't load in as all black in the Color swatches, or with opacity turned down to zero.

    It seems to be Sketchfab models most likely to come in black (something with its auto convert to GITF?), and Mixamo models most likely to come in transparent. I think @FilmSensei would agree - heck, he even did a short video about Mixamo coming in transparent!

    So, you're happy with your comet tail, or should we talk particle sim?

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    @Triem23 Ooh! Ooh! Talk particle Sim! Talk Particle Sim! 😁

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    I'd forgotten Holly's moment in Red Dwarf :-)

    I'm happy in as much as I have 10 days to complete the video for this contest so it'll have to do.

    I'm not happy in that it doesn't look great and is really clunky. It looks like a particle sim on top of a 3D rock model (which is what it is) rather than a tail coming off a comet. It doesn't quite extend into the distance how I'd like either. I need to get the animating done this weekend in case something needs a re-think and then I have a few days to edit including working out how to do the fly through the window and off into space. There's a lot I am hoping will just work.

    I'm also worried that this is the darkest, bleakest, most desperate story I've written. I don't even think I should be uploading it let alone enter it into a contest.

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    I might still need some help with this. I haven't tried anything yet but my head is spinning.

    I finish with a pan so the last shot is out of the window. The window is physical set with a green screen behind it.

    I now need to go out of the window where there is a burnt out car and a building of some sort (it can just be a wall). The camera then pans to the sky (not sure yet if it's night or day.... probably night) and zooms off into space to meet the comet. I am hoping that once I zoom into the (blue) comet I can use that to fill the screen and show the title.

    I did think about a car and building 2D image but worried it'll look really bad when I move the camera. That's why I thought 3D might be better. Three issues with that : 1) I have never used 3D and have 9 days left for the contest entry 2) I need to find a way to transition from the physical camera to a 3D camera. I'm hoping I can just create the 3D camera at the same coords and have it take over.

    <edit> Oh and 3) How can I simulate the distance to the comet. I have a song playing which turns to static and then a space 'hum' as the camera gets closer to the comet. I'll be giving all this a go (starting with using 2D images) over the next couple of days so I might be stressing about nothing if it looks alright.