Opinions on this Mandalorian inspired scene

laconstantedeplanck Posts: 123 Enthusiast


I'm currently working on a video for my YouTube channel that will address the science behind Mandalorian. Here you can see a screen capture of the opening sequence I'm doing entirely on Hitfilm featuring Mando from The Mandalorian TV show.

For anyone interested, the scene is baked as follows:

The 3D model of Mando was downloaded for free from Sketchfab and animated in Mixamo. In this case I used some seated-talking pose, as the script features Mando talking to a not-yet-visible Baby Yoda.

The 3D model is then put on top of a precomposed video background featuring the cabin of the (spoiler) now defunct Razor Crest. The model is lit with two point lights.

The scene is not finished yet, as I want to tweak a bit the reflectivity of Mando's armor, add the light wrap effect, add some shadows and some other minor changes.

The final grade is done with a grade layer based on the letterbox and LUT effects. This shot lasts about 5 seconds, so I won't be investing too much additional time in this, but what would be your advice to make it look better? What would you do to improve the overall look?

Thanks in advance :)