Can I import hitfilm camera to blender?

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Can I, in some way, import a hitfilm camera into blender?


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    There is no way to export a Hitfilm camera to any other software.

    You can export a Blender camera to Hitfilm, using either the FXhome script (@JavertValbarr you remember offhand a tutorial that has the script link?) or the tools found in @spydurhank 's custom build of Blender - optimized for Hitfilm export and a ton of other enhancements - at

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    "There is no way to export a Hitfilm camera to any other software", yet.

    Here is the Blender camera -> HitFilm plug-in.

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    @JavertValbarr "yet?"

    Exporting Hitfilm cameras has been on my, "this might be an issue with Mocha or Foundry licensing, so I wouldn't hold my breath, but it wouldn't be the first, second or third time I've speculated FXhome wouldn't do a thing only for them to do the thing," list for a long time.

    Next time this question comes up I'm gonna quote you on the "yet."

    Thanks for the link, buddy.

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    @JavertValbarr Yes, I wanted to link that yesterday but my search game was off and couldn't find it easily. Thanks.

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    Mike you have a typo every time you attempt to direct someone to Maybe please just use a link because no one will be ever be able to find it, if you keep miss-spelling. You're a Filmer beta tester so you should already know how to get to my website. 😀Thanks for trying though.

    owmycgi | Home

    Filmer | owmycgi

    @rasmuswlund, I actually wrote a working Hitfilm Comp importer for Filmer/Blender almost a year ago... right about my birthday in October. I was gonna show it to everyone here on the forum but put it on the backburner for reasons which I'll explain in an upcoming video.

    In most of my tests, I simply tracked a camera with the Hitfilm Foundry camera tracker, saved a Comp onto my hard drive and imported it into Filmer/Blender. It was easy as cake. The evolving Blender api broke my script a few days later so I left it alone for a little while. I'd sure be willing to start working on it again and update it for Filmer/Blender 3.0.0 which is the current version of Filmer if there was really a call for it. Hmmm... maybe I will... maybe I won't... maybe I already have? 😀

    Nah, I'm gonna do it, I already know that I'm gonna do it. 😀

    My script can export an entire 3D scene to Hitfilm and as of two days ago, it can now sync motion blur and depth of field in Filmer/Blender and Hitfilm which will be added in the next release of Filmer, this will happen in a few days, DOF was broken for a few months but I also just got depth of field working again two days ago and it's pretty slick to see in action along with Motion Blur. A few videos below. 😀

    Almost slipped my mind... if you use the FXhome script, it's safest to set Blender to it's default factory settings which is easier than disabling every third party addon one at a time, because the FXhome script will fail and or not work properly during export if, certain 3rd party addons are activated.

    One more time so it sinks in... If using Josh's script, it's safest to set Blender to its Default settings and only activate Josh's script in the User Preferences. If you have a 3rd party addon activated, like from Blender Market or GumRoad... simply deactivate them to be on the safe side and to save your sanity.... or set Blender to default settings. 😁

    @tddavis and @GrayMotion can help me out here. I can troubleshoot artistic and visual effects related user problems like no other. If I can see it with my own eyes, I'll usually spot the problem right away and come up with the solution on the spot. I just need to see it first. 😀

    Any way, @tddavis and I had a Skype chat a long while back, because he was having problems with my exporter. It took us a few short minutes to track down the culprits. There were a couple of 3rd party addons which were breaking each others functionality because they had operations and code with identical characters. Addons like these also break functionality with Blender in general so you've got to keep an eye out for what does and what does not work when concerning 3rd party addons.

    Here's a video of me showcasing motion blur in Filmer/Blender and Hitfilm. I test Motion Blur on three types of animations. I use a static camera and animated object in the first test, then I use an animated camera and static object in the second test, and finally an animated camera with an animated/deformed 3D character.

    Here's a video of me exporting an entire 3D scene

    And another video of me exporting an entire 3D scene.