Growing sub menu (animated/simulated UI)

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How do I make something like animated growing boxes?

I have a project in which I want to show off a documentation, and it has some listed Items, that I want to show in a rounded box. How do I animate this box to grow?

Here is an example:

How would I animate it to look like the 'sub menus' that grow out to the left and right in the video? (the animation is at the start of the video. For more Context, I am talking about the boxes with the contents "[A2]" and "[C7]" for example).

Would also be cool to know how to animate lines growing/going from point A to B like in the video (the lines "walking"/"growing" over to the animated boxes)



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    So, here's the deal... That linked animation is part of an ad campaign for a template pack consisting of over 700 graphic and animation elements. The creators did hundreds of hours of design and animation to save the end users of the templates some time. It's a nice pack.

    For creating these type of animation it's a lot of layering of simple elements into a complex layout.

    Animating the callout boxes begins with translucent plane layers for the boxes themselves. Individual elements would be parented to the boxes then animated to move within them.

    In Hitfilm there are five basic ways to make animated lines: Animating masks on a plane layer (or using a small plane like a 200x10 pixel plane), the Grid effect, the Lightsword effect (turn off glows), the Lightning effect (turn down twitch/wave scale to 0 and turn off glows), and Neon Path. Neon Path is an add on in Express. I guess Animated Lasers might work, too.

    For animating graphs, cross hairs and reticles, masked planes are a good start.

    Polar warp is an essential effect for bending things into circles and curves.

    And here comes a bunch of Hud-related tutorials:

    And this Playlist.

    Oh, here's a neat tutorial on creating shapes that can be used as HUD elements. An oldie, but great!


    Also, for Hitfilm Pro (only, not Express), you could buy Red Giant Universe, which has a HUD generator module.

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    First of thank you so so much for such a thorough and detailed answer.

    I fully understand the hard work and extreme skill it requires making something like the UI animation pack I put up as an example. I have no intend to do something that close to it, nevertheless thank you so much for giving me some videos with which I can learn how I could do such animation.

    I want to keep it kind of simple with my animations, I don't intend to go full overblown adding it to a video I shot for example, this whole thing is for a school presentation/"finals". I hate, no despise, PowerPoint with a passion, so I make my presentations with way too overkill animations. I mostly plan to use this part of the presentation to neatly show a list of things by having a menu bar grow and points getting "drawn"/"grown" to them.

    Again thank you so much for the videos, as they seem incredibly helpful for much of the stuff I want to do.

    I am also trying to have some parts of my documentation written out like in this video:

    Any ideas on how to do that? I've searched for it on this forum but didn't find too much.

    Again thank you so much for your help and your time, I think I would've never found a way to get it to look how I want, without your help. I will try to implement these techniques and these tips you've written down.

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    I think you might want to play with TEXT and BEHAVIOURS

    See my screen shot of below copy this to your text and see if you like it. There are others to play with.

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    @Andy001z all the text-layer Behavior/Animation presets are Pro-Only, which is why I didn't bring those up.

    Acceleration, Gravity and Throw are in base Express.

    Attract To, Drag, Follow, Mix Parent Position, Repel and Rotate by Layer are available as an add-on.

    The other 34 Behaviors are Pro-Only...

    @squirreljasmin The Boris 3D objects module (Add on for Express) has a typewriter effect.

    Otherwise, I'm pretty sure these other tutorials come down to animating masks.

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    Well another reason to go pro. Sorry for carried away with the challenge.

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    Thank you again @Triem23 and @Andy001z those are really great tips on how to get all that working.

    I have already implemented some of your tips @Triem23 and they seem to be working pretty well.

    As for the typewriter effect, I am not sure if it is practical to keyframe it every letter, or nearly all of them, as I plan to show off a large part of my projects codebase. This makes it pretty hard to keyframe as we are talking more than 100 lines of code all at once. So I am really searching of how to nearly 1:1 copy the effect in the linked video ( So probably having something like 2 layers of different letters with different gray tones? Not sure.

    Alternatively, I also have written a small program that outputs me my files exactly like I need them (with the whole slow writing and having different letters in gray before the correct one displays shebang). The only problem with recording the terminal and displaying it, is that the resolution is very bad, and I want to really zoom into the console's '$_' with the blinking cursor part, but it will look really bad because of the resolution. (If someone needs help to understand the problem I am trying to describe a bit more, I can upload an export of the problem, if that is of any help) (For reference: the files I am trying to display are nearly as large as the PGP message shown in the video I linked)