[FEATURE] Loudness meter effect/window.

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There is an audio effect in Adobe premiere that measures the loudness of the audio (mainly used for TV production). This effect measures the DB level and displayed with a graph as well.

This is applied as an audio effect on the audio track/clip to measure the loudness more accurately.

Attached a photo of this effect.

Probably it can be a similar idea in HitFilm but as a window next to the meters window or as an effect on the audio clip/track.



  • Triem23
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    Observations for devs.

    The meter shown in @mabdelbary's post is a licensed third party VST plug in. The same meter could be added to Hitfilm via VST support as in this feature request...

    Talking "loudness," for a second - this is a newer measure of amplitude based off psychoacoustic modeling and is the current standard for normalizing audio on streaming services like Spotify or, yes, YouTube (considering how much Hitfilm material goes to YouTube the importance becomes clear.

    There are three basic monitoring schemes for audio levels, peak metering, RMS metering and LUFS ("loudness") monitoring. Peak is what Hitfilm's audio meters already do, and is most useful for identifying clipping. RMS averages out peaks to find a more "average" level. Hitfilm has an RMS model for displaying waveforms, so someone on the dev team is already familiar with this model. In general the broadcast audio standard, pre-LUFS held speech should RMS around -12 dB (on a scale where 0dB is the absolute brick wall). LUFS takes into account how human hearing responds differently to different frequency bands (we're most sensitive to volume shifts in mid to mid-high frequencies between about 2Khz and 10Khz) and can be simplified as "RMS" across frequency bands.

    Different broadcasters have different requirements. EUROPEAN broadcast uses the EBU R 128 standard, AMERICAN uses the ATSC A 85 standard. Both have differing target (average) and max (true peak) values.

    Instead of what Mabdelbary suggests (which might be a propriety, copywritten/patented meter layout, RMS and LUFS scales could be implemented in Hitfilm's existing audio meters. In this case the display mode for the meters could be set in the File>Options menu.

    Vegas Pro implements LUFS meters starting with Vegas 13. Since you guys have Vegas running for Vegas Post/Hitfilm integration coding/testing that is, of course, a program you can look at for example implementation.