How do I upgrade my free account to a paid one?

GoldenCheese115 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
I got myself a free Hitfilm Express account before to try out the software but now I want to upgade it to a paid version but when I click the pay button in the "pay what you want" menu, I cannot sign in with my account.

To buy it I have to make another account since there is no way of signing into your existing account. It only says "If you don't have a FXhome account we'll create one for you".

Please help


  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,201 Expert

    @spaceevo You should be able to get there from the forum page by clicking the FXHome logo at the top center. Click on Account on that page and make sure you are signed in with your current email account. It should say Welcome and your name, if not sign in like you do to the forum. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and in the black area at the bottom click on Hitfilm Express under the sub heading of Products. This will bring up the download page and click on Download Hitfilm Express. This will then take you to the PWYW page where you can adjust the slider to the level you wish purchase. Then click Buy Now. That's as far as I went as I have Pro, but it should let you go through with the purchase under the account (your current one) you are signed in under. Hope I have explained that well enough to get you going.