[FEATURE] Display Infotext: Duration of selected In/Out points

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@mabdelbary initially asked about this.

It could be helpful for editors to have an Infotext readout of the duration of the selected In/Out region on a Timeline. This would dynamically update as In/Out points are shifted and would update based on active Comp/Editor Timeline.

This readout could display near the Mouse X/Y coordinates and could have a toggle on/off option in File>Options>General.

Vegas Pro has this feature - in Vegas Pro the duration of a currently selected region is displayed at the very bottom right of the interface, tucked in next to the Timeline window's scroll bars.


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    @Triem23 I attached a screenshot for the timecode window in Avid media composer (this could be an example of how the information of the footage, track, or timeline is displayed through adding a window like the "Effects" window in HitFilm for instance)

    I suggest to add to this window as well the number of frames from the beginning of the shot till the in point, this is beside the other information as well, so it will make it more accurate.

    I created a new feature request before ([FEATURE] Timecode panel.)

    Please merge these two threads.

    Thanks a lot 👍️

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    I prefer also to have in the editor settings the option to display the clips' data on the clips themselves (duration, framerate...etc.).


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    We can add also the same information next to each clip in the media window such as framerate, media start, media end, media duration, in point, out point, comments...etc.