Making wonder woman fly without cables

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I am helping with a short film that involves a wonder woman like character fly and land. I am going to have to record it outdoors and my inquiry is about shooting the plates for this. Here in the puget sound we have freqeuent overcast sky. I play to take my short bus and orient it lengthwise with a southern exposure longitudily. Then I have a 8'x12' stage of slotted plywood will set up on the side of the bus and get some lime green picnic table clothes for the green screen. So will drape the clothes on the side and on the stage. I plan to shoot from a ladder with the camera sideways so that she is standing and in post will make her horizontal as if flying, By shooting above and using a fan to blow her hair hope to sell the illusion of flying without cables, erasing cables is not the problem it is the practicality of not having a beam to hang cables or equipment to safely attach etc. I am open to other approaches or modifying the approaches I have. I just thought I would run it by you on how to do the plate video prior to taking it into hitfilm pro.


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    Nope, what you're doing sounds right.

    Watch this.

    It's for After Effects, but it's the same basic concept you're doing. The Particular stuff translates pretty easily to Hitfilm's Particle Sim, and pay attention to the clever trick using Puppet to point the feet so they aren't obviously flat on the ground.

    Oh, and this one.

    Again, both videos just confirm your projected workflow will, um... Work! 😁👍