Western film - full 3D environment, 3D steam train, Blender/HitFilm (half year VFX project)

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Hello Everyone,

I have been working on this mystery-western short film for over half a year now, and have finally finished it. I made the film as a school special project. It is only 10 minutes long, but it took over half a year to make because I did not have any real western movie sets to work with, so I made full 3D sets in Blender (Including a train station and a steam train), into which I placed green screen elements of myself. I also made the whole film by myself except for most of the sound effects and textures. If you have watched any of Sergio Leone’s westerns, you may recognize the film style I was going for as well as the musical style inspired by Ennio Morricone :-)

Here is the short film:

Any feedback would be appreciated :-)

I also made a behind the scenes video:

I used my favorite combination of software for all the effects, which is HitFilm Pro with Blender :-)

As you can probably tell, all the scenes in the western town, in the train, and at the train station, are entirely 3D environments except the green screen elements. I filmed those on a large green screen I set up outside (by the way, the visual effects prompt last December for demonstrating current projects with new-bought FXhome software was where I showed the green screen and some of the effects for this short film). For all the scenes where I am seen walking from the front and back, I used my technique of walking in 3D without actually walking in front of the green screen. This short film was actually where I developed the idea for that effect, and the inspiration for my tutorial pitch submission (I was the third runner-up who was mentioned, with the fake-walk in a 3D set). 

I hope you enjoy it 🙂