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You can place labels on a time line, HOWEVER, you can't snap media elements to them.

Snapable labels would be very nice as you could place a label in one element (maybe an explosion) and a 2nd label in another (maybe a strong bass beat in some music) and SNAP the 2 labels are synchronised on the timeline and you get the beat on the boom without lots of minute faffing, sliding the elements around.

Would this be a valid enhancement or can this be easily achieved anther way?

Many thanks



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    @Laxxor I've moved your post to here in the Feature Request forum, rather than the general Hitfilm Forum.

    I thank you for trying to follow the proper syntax, but I will ask you to review this thread anyway.

    Finally, can you be a bit more clear about what you're asking to be added? I'm not certain what you're talking about when you say you can place "Labels" on a timeline or "snapping" media elements to these "labels."

    And if I can't figure out what you're asking, there's a good chance the devs can't either. WE all want to make sure your request is as clear as possible.

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    I have another issue with the slider (Playhead) itself, when I cut the clip on the timeline and move the clip, they snap (the clips themselves) when the snap option is activated.

    However, when I try to snap the slider (Playhead) to the cut part, the start, or the end of the clip, it doesn't snap. I know I can press Pg Up or Pg Dn to navigate, but I would like to have this option available with the mouse navigation as well while I drag the slider.

    I suggest to add this option by hitting shift (or Ctrl) on the keyboard while moving the slider (Playhead) to snap to the media or to set the snap accuracy to every specific amount of frames (1, 5, 10, 25...etc.) so when I keep hitting the shift key for example it snaps to everything what I want it to snap to.

    There could be a menu for the snap tool to choose where to snap (something similar to Blender software, for example, it can ask me to snap to the clip, the keyframes, or In/Out...etc. if I am on the timeline. Also, it can ask me to snap to the grid, to the frames...etc. if I am on the trimmer window)


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    I suggest to add the snap tool to the Viewer window as well where we can snap layers together.