Stabilize Tracker Doesn't Track

SonnyLaracuente Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

I'm trying to stabilize some footage but the tracker won't track anything. It wanders randomly around the frame. Any idea why? The footage isn't extremely high rez but there's plenty of contrast so it seems like it should work. This is a zoomed in image of it trying to track one of the blobs of kelp. Thanks for any advice!


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,891 Ambassador

    @SonnyLaracuente Hard to tell from the frame grab what it is you are tracking. As you noted, the tracker works best when the item to track has higher contrast compared to the surrounding pixels. Try resizing the boxes so the search area is a little wider. Also if there is a lot of camera shake, motion blur or the video rez is low, the tracker is going to have a hard time staying on the target.

    Sometimes you just have make manual adjustments on a difficult track. After it starts to drift. Stop the track, use the arrow keys (comma & period) on the keyboard and find the frame where it starts to move off the target. Then use the mouse to reposition the tracker and continue on with the track from that point. If it drifts off again, you'll have to repeat the process.