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An explorer tab that directly views windows file can go a long way in improving workflows.

For example, I have some custom made accents (shapes) that I've exported as pngs out of photoshop to suit my designs in imerge. Anytime I need the basic shapes, I just drag those files in there.

The annoying caveat here is minimizing or dragging or using the place image button.

Give us an explorer tab like the one in VEGAS while inside the project view. Heck, if we can organize folders and make some sort of tags in it, that would be a bonus.

I often thought VEGAS' media management was more suited to photo editing workflows anyways.


  • Triem23
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    @Hictor oddly enough when Imerge first released I had trouble adjusting to its workflow until I realized it's a Photo Editor with a workflow more like an NLE.

    Vegas, of course, started as a multrack DAW and, when it added video editing in v3 Sonic Foundry treated the video clips the same as audio, which is why its workflow is so unique. It's an NLE with a DAW workflow!