How do I update the Imported composite shot?

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I'm using VEGAS POST Suites, so VEGAS Effects is the same software as Hitfilm Pro.

I created a VE project that has a Desktop UI in one comp. I used that as a template for animation. So I saved it as Desktop.vegfx.

I created another new vegfx project for more the main animation. I imported the premade Dsktop UI as composite shots. Half way of editing, I decided to modify to the dekstop UI, so I reopen the previous VE project and

edited it a bit & press save. I open back my main vegfx project, the edited Desktop comp doesnt update the edit. And the reload button is greyed out.

I have few segments of vegfx project as a sequences (Cuz from VEGAS Pro to VEGAS Effects, it can only send 1 clip at time, no dynamic linking or whatsoever) , and each sequences have that imported Desktop composite. How do I update all of the edited comp in each vegfx project properly ?


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    You'll have to re-import the changed Comp from Project 1 to Project 2.

    Understand, if you load a composite shot from project 1 into project 2 then save project 2 you've re-saved the comp shot as part of project 2. Changing project 1 isn't going to change anything in project 2. That's not quite how any NLE works.

    You're not embedding a "copy" of the comp from project 1 in project 2 with some sort of "live link" between projects. Hitfilm/Vegas Effects doesn't work that way.

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    Hmm I wish there is an ability to simply update the comp if the users want too.

    Kinda pain I have to redo the edit for each project when I can just simply update it with a press of a button. I think they should have this "live link" between projects just like VEGAS Pro between VEG file. Time consuming.

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    Well, you can make a feature request. Think about how you would want to implement this and make suggestions in your request thread. Pay attention to the "if they want to," because Project A Comps automatically updating in Project B would screw up my workflow! Few things make me less happy than arguing against someone else's Feature Request.

    Some considerations for you to think of: Projects - whether Hitfilm/Vegas Effects or Vegas Pro itself (and the Comps within a project) don't store media, but store pointers to media. If you've ever moved a media file and had to relink it in a VP/VE project you know what that means. By keeping a "live link" between projects, any movement of project A breaks any links to Project(s) B, (C, D, E). Hitfilm generates a certain amount of cache files and these (along with database and Pre-renders) are linked to a specific project. Live-linking projects would require an overhaul of the caching, database and Pre-render systems. This is not a trivial or easy request.

    Which isn't to say it can't be done - it wouldn't be the first, second, or third time I've given a "this is really hard to do and is unlikely to happen" opinion only to have the devs do it! I certainly don't mind being wrong about these things.

    Anyways, Feature Request Forum.

    Just make sure you read this thread first.