[ENHANCEMENT] Editing multiple layers simultaneously (Hitfilm does the transform part manually)

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In the composite shot or from layer controls, I would like to select and expand/collapse, transform, move, scale, rotate, opacity, lock, hide...etc. multiple layers simultaneously.

This is more timesaving.



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    And exactly how would you make this work? Having the controls for multiple layers open in a single controls panel would be confusing. Which one goes on top? How long a list of controls do you want to scroll? Do you want to have multiple Controls Panels open at once? This is using up extra screen resources. How do I assign a clip to a particular Controls Panel? Is Hitfilm supposed to dynamically open/close new Control Panel windows as one CTRL+clicks new tracks? This is a fundamental change in the UI and would require an extensive recode.

    You bring up wanting to move, scale, rotate, lock and hide multiple layers at once? You can already do this.

    In this video I will hold down CRTL then I will select two layers. I will then move, scale, rotate, hide and lock both layers at once.

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    @Triem23 I know how to edit these layers from the gizmo using the mouse, what if I have specific values or angles that I would like to edit, that needs to be done through the controls tab.

    I asked for this option because it is way easier and faster than selecting each layer from the timeline or the controls tab and edit them individually.

    I have no problem scrolling through a list of features since the selected/modified feature only that appears when I use the uu/u toggle between keyframes strategy.

    For example when I select 3 layers then I open them, they open together (I don't have to click on each layer individually to open its properties), hence, I chose opacity control, thus, the opacity values will change simultaneously, therefore, the list of options won't be as long as it seems (I can type U/UU)


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    @mabdelbary am I correct in thinking you mean something similar to in Blender or Unreal, where you can click and drag across multiple spinboxes, then type in a value to set them all at once?

    This sounds pretty complex, and the way I described above wouldn't actually work for us due to the way our UI is laid out, but we could consider perhaps a way, such as shift-click, to edit the value of all of the selected items, although this itself would have an awful lot of edge cases and problems.

    Nonetheless, this is the point of the feature request forum, so if what i mentioned above is what you meant, and enough people upvote, it is something we can look into.

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    Sorry I am not familiar with Unreal or the editing in Blender.

    What I meant is similar to what you mentioned "such as shift-click, to edit the value of all of the selected items".

    I can click shift and left click at multiple layers so they are all selected, then when I open them, they open together, hence, if I changed one value while the other layers are selected, they will change all at once as well.

    The idea of this feature, it makes opening layers together easier and faster especially if I would like to have the same adjustment on all of them, as a result, they will change at once instead of changing them individually.

    When I do audio mixing, the same concept as well, I would like to reduce the clip gain or volume at once, instead of selecting them one by one to add an effect or make an adjustment. This is highly essential and a big time saving.

    The previous concept is already applied in some features in HitFilm but it is not applied in others, for example, when I select multiple layers and convert one layer only (while the others are still selected) from 2d to 3d layer, they all change together. Also, when I select layers to enable the motion blur option, I just need to change one layer and the other selected layers do the same thing automatically.

    That's what I mean, the same strategy should be applied everywhere in HitFilm pro when all of the layers or modifiers are selected, this will save time instead of selecting the layers one by one to make the change. For instance, when I select multiple layers and change the opacity, they all should change together instead of changing them one by one. (this idea is applied in After Effects everywhere, but partially applied in HitFilm, I suggest to be applied everywhere in HitFilm to save a lot of time)

    Thanks for your feedback!!

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    I wanted to share with you this clip that I recorded to explain my idea about how HitFilm can edit multiple selected clips simultaneously.

    When I selected some layers, I was able to change them all at once from 2d to 3d for example, or I was able to stretch them on the timeline all at once (HitFilm and After Effects are similar in this aspect), however, when I tried to modify the position while selecting 2 layers, it didn't apply that on both of them. Is there a way to make this applicable to adjust multiple layers simultaneously like After Effects for example? this is a big time saver.