Hitfilm Pro on Linux?

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I recently have been looking into using linux instead of windows 10 so that I can get better performance while playing vr since newer vr titles will have some random framedrops on my device due to background windows tasks, however I've noticed that Hitfilm Pro doesn't have linux support so switching to linux really isn't an option. Is there a way I can get it on linux, or if it will be possible to do so in the near future?


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    Disclaimer: Ambassadors and Moderators are volunteers, not FXhome employees. Data comes from public sources.

    The last semi-official word on the subject was given by FXhome CEO Josh Davies back in Jan 2020.

    Long story short, Linux is a small segment of the computer market - about 1%. A Linux version of Hitfilm would not be able to use the Windows/iOS cross platform tools behind the Hitfilm UI. The entire program would have to be re-coded from scratch. At this time FXhome does not consider a Linux version to be viable given the costs of development vs the small potential for revenue. While this may change in the future, I wouldn't expect it.

    Ok, Hitfilm has about 6 million users. Linux is 1% of the OS market. We'll assume parity with other OS's for Hitfilm usage. That's 60,000 Linux users. I don't have exact numbers, but only about 1% of Hitfilm users use Pro (I know over 90% use Express and buy no add on packs). That's 600 Pro users. For a $300 software price that's $180,000 in income, but the Mac version of Hitfilm cost $100,000 in development 8 years ago. Factor in additional hardware and hiring additional programmers to code and maintain a Linux version, and there's just no money in it. It's the Pro users supplying the income to allow Express to be free.

    Now, FXhome has been getting a lot of buzz lately due to CamtrackAR and other, newer products, but those products, bottom line, would need to add enough proportional income to FXhome to make a Linux version viable for one to happen. FXhome's goal is to make quality VFX software available for as many people as possible, but the company does need to make the money to maintain their facilities, hardware, mini studio and payroll.

    Here's the Livestream in question. I'm not certain of the time code for the Linux discussion.

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    What Triem23 has said, It's totally true.

    For example:- think that you are owner of a fictional company "Jarrod Enterprises" and building the company costed you $200,000, then you made a video editor named JarVid and it costed you $50,000 So the total expense became $250,000 and $20,000 for your employs every month and the video editor JarVid has 2 version of it "JarVid Pro" and "JarVid free" with 70% of the features on the free version that is also available on pro and 90% of the users use the free version and only 10% of the users using the $300 paid version and you have and your total users are 10,000 then that means You earn $300,000 in the first month that you can use to pay all the loans you took to build the company and recover the money that you used to build you video editors then you are hardly left with $10,000, but on the next month you only earn $30,000 because most of the people already owned the software for lifetime and very less users buy your software who are new to your company and all others users just use the free version, So this makes your earning very less and if you then plan to build a new software then it will cost more and then you don't know people would like it or not and then if they do not like it then you could suffer from very large losses. So definitely you would not take any risk to build a new software and just stay happy with what you get and once the customers increase then you could try to build it but that only depends on time.

    The same is with FXhome.

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    Okay, that makes sense. I wasn't aware that the Linux userbase was so small. Thanks for the explanation! (:

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    @VFXwarrior now, I'm only guessing here, but, since this thread was created, FXhome has been purchased by Artlist, and one of the changes coming from this merger is larger development teams for Hitfilm. It's POSSIBLE that the additional corporate support from Artlist might change the equation and make a Linux version viable in the next year or two. This would be great for the Linux crowd.

    We'll see. 👍

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    Whether or not artlist wants to port to linux, it's still a lot of money/time/effort for a likely very tiny linux pro user base. The math doesn't change.

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    @spyresca it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem… the primary reason I’ve never switched to Linux is because HitFilm isn’t on there. But they can’t port HF to Linux unless they have users on Linux.

    IMO, video editing/VFX is the last thing Linux still needs to conquer. I’m glad Resolve is on there now, hopefully other software like HitFilm can come too

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    Can't really agree @Triem23 . I just don't think having Hitfilm on linux would draw enough users/profit to ever make it a worth the developers time. Especially with strong pre-existing competition already there (i.e. Resolve). Can't see much upside for the developers at all for Hitfilm on Linux.

    It doesn't help the for many (most?) users, switching to Linux offers very little in tangible day to day benefits. I like linux, try a few distros every year, and always end staying with Windows.

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    @spyresca shhh, I'm being "hopeful!" 👍

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    DaVinci Resolve and Nuke works on linux, just saying (: Would be nice if HitFilm join to linux too. Hope one day (:

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    But won't Wine make it much easier to port Hitfilm over to Linux? Hitfilm Pro is already usable on Linux thanks to Wine, but there are many bugs and there's no easy installer script or anything. If FXhome used Wine, from what I know all they would have to do is make an installer and fix the bugs, right?

    Edit: @JCL_Films has the same idea as me: https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/comment/115782#Comment_115782

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    @ASOwnerYT The big issue is support. If they make an official version, users will expect support on the same level as the Mac and Windows versions. That costs money- either to train their support staff in Linux or to hire people that know it. Hacking together a version that runs in Wine isn't exactly ideal either and you’d still probably want to bring in a few experts whether you use Wine or port natively. Then you need a whole team for testing and quality assurance specifically for Linux… once again, that costs a lot of money. They need to be reasonably assured that there will be a good amount of PAYING Linux users before they can devote time to it, and if those users are going to be paying, the software needs to be on par with the Windows and Mac versions.

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    Hitfilm uses a lot of third party libraries. FxHome has no control over that. If the libraries do not have official support for Linux then you are at the mercy of something you literally have no ability to handle.