[BUG FIX] Enable correct High DPI support at 125% - 175% scaling (Windows OS)

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Hi FXhome, firstly I must state your software is among the best out there ( and even Avid recognizes Hitfilm as a legit NLE in their polls). However, there are some issues that I have encountered during use that has held me back from purchasing HitFilm yet (though I have come close 3 times). The largest usability issue is incorrect High DPI support for 125% & 150% scaling on Windows, which is actually a long standing bug with QT and affects other software such as Substance Painter. The QT bug causes the user interface to render at 100% scaling when Windows is set to 125%, and at 200% when Windows is set to 150% or 175%, which makes it very difficult to use the software on a 2560x1440 monitor.

More info on that below:



Thanks so much for your time and consideration.


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    I have set my (smallish) monitor to the recommended 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the scaling options to 125 %. But it does not help with HitFilm, the items on menu, buttons, etc. are way too small. I cannot use the program until this issue is resolved. I mean, I can just about read everything but it puts strain on my eyesight.
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    Yes, I agree, the bug in QT that affects Hitfilm's interface makes it very uncomfortable to use for extended periods. I'm not sure if staff are reading these posts however. Perhaps we need to forward this thread to the support team.

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    @S35 these feature request posts are read regularly by the dev team. Support is a different group of people. Please don't waste their time. There's nothing the Support team can do about a bug in the QT framework. 👍

    As it is, if the underlying bug is in the QT framework there's likely little that can be done by FXhome. FXhome isn't responsible for the QT Company's code, so, it seems their options are to re-report the known bug (in the QT 5 framework), move the interface off QT (very unlikely), or, assuming the bug was fixed in QT 6, update the Hitfilm UI to a QT 6 framework.

    Since Hitfilm is OpenGL based and QT 5 WAS OpenGL based, but now uses its own custom rendering interface which defaults to D3D on Windows and Metal on Mac it's not a trivial change. Still, it's the most likely end solution.

    Now, on a tangentially related target in Jan 2020 on a FilmSensei livestream FXhome CEO Josh Davies, while talking about their ActionPro software discussed how development of that had stalled due to underlying issues with the QT framework and they were waiting for the next major release. Of course QT 6.0 dropped in Dec 2020 and 6.1 in March 2021. One could extrapolate a QT 6 version of Hitfilm is being developed, but such would certainly be a "full version" release. Current version is 16.1 take it as a given a 16.x update will not address the issue. Even a 17.0 fix is unlikely. 18.0, maybe.

    Note Ambassadors and Moderators don't work for FXhome - we're volunteers. I'm a Beta tester, and, ironically, if I knew for a fact this was about to be fixed I wouldn't be allowed to say so. I know nothing, and merely speculate in this post from public record.

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    Thanks @Triem23. I'm glad to hear the dev team reviews these posts. It's unfortunate both Substance Painter and Hitfilm are locked in to the QT interface at present. Blender devs figured out a way to create a highly-customizable, scalable interface that works brilliantly at any resolution or visual preference. It would be awesome if the Hitfilm team could come up with a similar UI at some point (or update Hitfilm to the latest version of QT if this issue has been fixed). https://devtalk.blender.org/t/blender-gui-design-and-implementation/13602/5