How to choose color manually while keying?

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I am very new to Hitfilm, and I am coming here from Vegas pro. I have a video with a grey screen in the background and the subject of the video is totally different from the background, I can key out the background easily in Vegas pro 18 by just using a dropper but when I use the 2D green screen filter or effect in Hitfilm it only gives me three options Red, Green and Blue. I just want to know how to manually choose the color for chroma key in Hitfilm to key out a grey screen.

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  • Triem23
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    Use the "Hue/RGB Key" which is more advanced than the "Color Difference Key."

    Basically, the color difference key is a very simple one designed to key stock footage/images with pure primary backgrounds.

    The Hue & RGB Key has a dropper and more options than the color difference key.