How to put two clips from timeline into composite?

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I recorded gaming footage and while editing it I decided to try a shake edit between two clips. I needed to put them both in the same composite shot, but I couldn't figure out how. Every tutorial I see is with people importing two separate clips into a composite shot but I can't do that because it's only on the editor timeline. Please help me.



  • tddavis
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    @syypher You might try on the editor timeline using the razor blade slice tool before and after the section where you want to add the shake edit. Right click on this section and select make composite move and effects with the clip. Then in the composite slice where you want the edit and it will give two separate layers, then drag this Composite back into the Editor at the point where you sliced it out. But transitions do not work in Composites so I am not certain if this will help you in the long term.

  • Triem23
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    You cannot move multiple clips from the Editor Timeline to the same Comp in one operation. There are fundamental differences between the Editor and Comps. It's a harder change than one might think. @FilmSensei released this video discussing the differences. The rest of this post assumes you watch the video now.

    As @tddavis notes, Transitions don't work in Comps. Transitions work between clips on a TRACK, not on LAYERS.

    To get both clips into the same Comp, you have two choices - either create the Comp and add both clips to begin with, or, in situations like yours where both clips are on the Editor Timeline you have to do a clunky workaround.

    1. Right click shot A in the Editor and convert to Comp.
    2. Right click shot B in the Editor and convert to Comp.
    3. Delete Comp B from Editor Timeline - the Comp will still exist, but we won't be using it.
    4. Take note of the duration of Comp B.
    5. Return to Comp A and change its duration so that it's "Comp B longer." i.e. If working at 23.97 fps and Comp A was 5 seconds, 17 frames and Comp B was 4 seconds and 19 frames you needs to change Comp A to be "9 seconds, 36 frames," which is "10 seconds, 12 frames."
    6. Copy the video layer from Comp B.
    7. Paste into Comp A
    8. Return to Editor and stretch out the Comp A block to fill the empty space.
    9. Delete Comp B from Media Bin - we don't need it anymore.
    10. Edit Comp A.