How to fix "could not initialize the playback engine for the sequence." in hitfilm Express 2021.1

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hi, so i was going to edit my video, so i did a few things and i tried to play it, but i got this error: "could not initialize the playback engine for the sequence.", maybe its because i have an mp4 on video track one, and another on video track two, they are roughly the same length, or something else?

or maybe its because, before i was editing, i was in another project, in a composite shot, after i finished editing, in the composite shot, i pressed play and it said "could not initialize the playback engine for the composite shot."

but i just exported it, and put the mp4 in the new project with the "could not initialize the playback engine for the sequence.", but before that it was fine?

I am on Hitfilm Express 2021.1

Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Nvidia GeForce MX110


401GB ROM availiable

Nvidia driver type: DCH

Nvidia driver version: 457.53

DirectX Runtime version: 12.0



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    @rashzain I think you might be on the low end with your GPU and you didn't list your CPU, so hard to tell if this is a hardware issue.

    More information on the video file would be helpful. Please list a MediaInfo tree report on it.. How to use that here. Chances are the video file is wonky and you'll wind up having to transcode to something more standard. If you don't already have it, get a copy of Handbrake and try transcoding the video and see if that helps. How to use Handbrake here.

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