Hitfilm Express freezed while editing

braydenleung Posts: 1 Just Starting Out
edited May 2021 in HitFilm

For some reason while I'm editing on the video I'm doing, the entire thing is freezed, I didn't make a save before it freezed and I'm I belive the latest hitfilm express and my os is macos Big Sur(latest version) , the machine is imac 5k retina 2015, the system is running fine, and no overheating issues happened while I'm editing. Is there a reason why the app freezed and is there a way to fix it? and also i have to forcequit the app after 1-5 min its been freezing


I think it has some relation of autosaves, not sure tho.

side note:

Hitfilm express did made few autosaves , so to all the users that have the same problem, dw you still have a chance yr project is saved.