Center the triangle mask?

Dimipapa Posts: 386 Enthusiast

It's not a big deal, surely I could find a centered triangle to use. But most of the masks even the polygons touch the top and bottom of the frame of the media if you select the media and double click on the mask tool. Certain polygons do not touch the bottom however making them difficult to center. The triangle being perhaps the biggest offender. So I thought I was clever moved the mask and eyeballed it touching the bottom of the frame (at 1920x1080) and the position seemed to be -270 figuring that sounded right I would think the center point should be -135, but its not, it kind of looks like it is but when you reduce the scale of the mask there is way more space at the top. And then you look at the anchor point of the mask and it's well below the center from the top most point of the triangle to the bottom most point. I guess I don't understand the logic here. Any staff have a clue?