Book trailer for epic sci-fi series I edited

BenZwycky2 Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

I edited an awesome sci-fi action trilogy, then made this book trailer for it, using pixabay images and videos, Viddyoze elements, a lot of animations and renders in daz studio, footagecrate effects and elements and additional effects in hit film (I also wrote the song, sang the vocals, and designed the singularity logo in inkscape). Made use of hit film particle effects for bubbles, explosions and the escaping atmosphere when the guy crashes through the window, some subtle uses of the puppet tool to animate the cartoonish characters in the opening shot, and some set matte and hue colorize to add the publisher logo to the beach scene in the same shot. I also used hit film to create some animated textures to apply to the models in daz studio (the dark injection spreading across his torso, the bubbles inside the bio storage tanks, and of course lots of compositing and color grading. The planet exploding was originally a video of planets colliding that I turned into one being destroyed by weapon fire with suitable masking, footagecrate weapon fire effects and a hit film shockwave particle effect. It took me far too long to make, but I got paid for the video again when the trilogy moved to a different publisher and I tweaked it accordingly.