Why my video clip is auto speeding up in trimmer window?

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Hi guys,

I have a question about speeding up in the trimmer window. No matter what videos are imported to Hitfilm software, they all auto speeds up by ~100x in the trimmer window as well as the viewer window.

Please take a look at the screenshot below. The example video is only 4min30s. However, the video will play in trimmer window in a 100x speed and keep looping till the time is 4min30s. I tried to change the frame rate of the video from 100fps to 1fps but the video length in the trimmer video will change to 7hours30min.

Is there anything wrong with my setting? How should I fix it?




  • Stargazer54
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    @neo13 A MediaInfo Tree report on the incoming footage would be helpful. Tutorial on how to use it here.

    Also what are your Project settings? When you drag your footage on the timeline the software should ask if you want to conform your Project Settings to match the footage.

    Also, does this happen with other types of footage? For example if you bring an mp4 file, does the same thing happen?

    Lastly, please list your system specs - CPU, GPU, OS, RAM. And make sure your drivers are updated, especially GPU.

    I suspect there is something amiss with the avi file. Perhaps is is a non-standard type of file. You might try converting to mp4 at Constant Frame Rate with Handbrake. How to use that here.