Greenscreen Footage with 2.5D environment

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After watching Javert's tutorial "How to convert 2D images into 3D scenes", I decided that I need to create at least 1 video in this style.
So right now I'm in a video project of a 6 episodes series with about 90% green screen footage. And I decided to implement the 2.5D style here to create dynamic environments that move together with the real life camera movements. It surely feels more convincing than a static cam with a static background.

So I'll link the first video here with the starting points of the edited scenes.
Scene 1:

Scene 2:

And here is the second episode, which 100% green screen (the actual recording of the talents):

By the way:
I operated one of the cams and only took care of the visuals of our recordings (and mic sound) in post. Someone else did the cutting and we used some stock video for intro, outro and (time travel) transitions.
Also, I took stock pictures available on the net and edited them with Affinity Photo to create the foreground and background Elements.