HitFilm Keeps Crashing

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I've been using HitFilm Express for a couple months on a Dell Latitude E5540 laptop. It's been really good for what I've been using it for and has worked perfectly. Recently, though, it has been crashing quite a bit. Sometimes it just freezes, and others it gives me a notification that I do not have enough video memory available to render the project. It also is not letting my export any projects of any size; it gives basically the same error. I'm not sure if this is something wrong with my computer or with HitFilm. I haven't had this problem at all until this week. I've deleted a couple larger projects that I don't need anymore and made sure I'm on the most recent version of HitFilm. Is there something I can do?



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    Long story short your machine is barely at min specs to run Hitfilm. You have an integrated Intel HD 5500 GPU that requires RAM from the main system to operate. This means you should have at LEAST 16 GB of RAM for stable operation.

    The warning message is pretty straightforward - your machine is running out of whatever memory is allocated to the GPU. Re-editing at 1280x720 might free up enough memory, otherwise, without seeing your project, I can only say start disabling Effects and trying to render until you figure out what Effect is overloading your system.

    By default Hitfilm's Viewer does not anti-alias. ALL Hitfilm renders anti-alias. This means rendering takes more resources than editing. Check your project settings and, if Anti-aliasing is set to anything other than 4xMSAA set it to 4xMSAA. There is no way to disable anti-aliasing on render, but if you want to up vote that feature request...

    We have another user with the same issue posting today. You both have the same machine, so I link the thread here. Read my first post in it. I'm lazy and don't want to retype other options.

    Note that HF 16/2021 raised system requirements. For future projects you might want to revert to HF 15.2 which can be found here.

    However Hitfilm 16 projects cannot open in Hitfilm 15. Projects move forward, not backward.

    The final option is, of course, to get a newer machine. The key thing here is to make sure it has a dedicated GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM (4 GB or more preferred). I was talking to another user yesterday and, for under $400 I found a 6th gen i7 with Nvidia 1050. By current standards, still slow, but a lot better than an i5-5200U without spending $2k for something current.